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10 Best Budget-Friendly Ideas For Affordable Outdoor Lighting

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January 25, 2024


Illuminating your outdoor space doesn’t have to be a costly endeavor. With some creativity and savvy shopping, you can achieve stunning outdoor lighting effects on a budget. In this blog post, we’ll explore a variety of wallet-friendly outdoor lighting options that will enhance the beauty and functionality of your outdoor areas without breaking the bank.

1. Solar-Powered Path Lights

Solar-powered path lights are a brilliant and eco-friendly way to light up walkways, driveways, and garden paths. They harness energy from the sun during the day and automatically turn on at dusk, providing soft, ambient illumination without the need for wiring or electricity.

2. String Lights

String lights are a versatile and affordable choice for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Hang them across your patio, deck, or pergola for a charming, café-style ambiance. Opt for LED string lights to save on energy costs and extend their lifespan.

3. DIY Mason Jar Lanterns

Transform ordinary mason jars into enchanting lanterns with a few simple materials like candles or battery-operated tea lights. Hang them from trees, hooks, or shepherd’s hooks to infuse a rustic and whimsical charm into your outdoor space.

4. Upcycled Lanterns

Give a new life to old lanterns or metal containers by adding candles or battery-operated LED candles. Paint them in vibrant colors to match your outdoor decor and place them strategically around your garden or patio.

5. Tiki Torches

Tiki torches add an exotic and tropical touch to your outdoor gatherings. They are cost-effective and provide both lighting and insect repellent when filled with citronella oil.

6. Outdoor Candles

Large, weather-resistant outdoor candles are an affordable and stylish option. Place them in glass hurricanes, lanterns, or on decorative candle holders to create an enchanting and romantic atmosphere.

7. Motion-Activated Lights

Motion-activated lights are an excellent choice for enhancing security and visibility around your home. These lights only activate when motion is detected, conserving energy and reducing electricity costs.

8. DIY Tin Can Lanterns

Create unique and budget-friendly lanterns using empty tin cans, a hammer, and nails. Punch holes in the can to create intricate patterns or designs. Place a candle inside, and watch as the light filters through the holes, casting captivating shadows.

9. Fairy Lights in Planters

Wrap fairy lights around the base of outdoor planters or pots to illuminate your potted plants and add a touch of magic to your garden.

10. Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting

If you’re open to a slightly higher upfront cost, low-voltage landscape lighting kits are an excellent investment. They offer versatility, energy efficiency, and the ability to illuminate pathways, trees, and architectural features without a significant impact on your electric bill.


Outdoor lighting doesn’t have to be an expensive addition to your outdoor space. By exploring these budget-friendly options, you can create a magical and inviting atmosphere while keeping your wallet happy. With a touch of creativity and resourcefulness, your outdoor area can become a beautifully illuminated oasis that you can enjoy without breaking the bank.

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